It may seem like a specialist skill, but making your own sushi is not as hard as you think

STEP 1: Cook your rice or quinoa. Lay a nori (seaweed) sheet on top of a bamboo mat and spread the rice on top.
STEP 2: Place all the ingredients lengthwise on the rice. Roll up themat, pressing forward to shape the sushi into a cylinder.
STEP 3: Remove the mat from the sushi. Wipe a knife with a wet cloth before slicing the sushi into bite-size pieces. Ta da!

1. Crab free salmon and ginger maki

Makes 6 pieces | Cals 55 |Ready in 10 minutes
100g apple, peeled and chopped
10g ginger
90g mango, peeled and chopped
10ml rice vinegar
1 piece rice paper
80g rocket
40g tofu
70g salmon
coriander leaves

Dig out your food processor and blend the apple, ginger, 40g of the mango and vinegar to make a dressing, then strain. Next,wet the rice paper and add the rocket, the rest of the mango, tofu and salmon. Roll it up and cut into pieces. Serve with the dressing and coriander. Eastern promise: All that rice can be bloating, so combat it with anti-inflammatory ginger, which is nature’s flat-belly antacid. Eat up!


Makes 6 pieces | Cals 92 |Ready in 20 minutes
40ml rice vinegar
20g sugar
10g salt
100g cooked sushi rice
1 piece seaweed
5g shichimi togarashi
50g melon
50g pineapple
20g cucumber
10g radish
5g wasabi

Here’s howto make the sushi rice:warm the vinegar, dissolve in the sugar and salt, mix in the rice and cool. Meanwhile, sprinkle the seaweed with shichimi togarashi (a spice mix), add rice, melon, pineapple, cucumber and radish.Roll up, cut up, and dish up withwasabi. Eastern promise: Pineapple is full of essential nutrients, enhancing the body’s immunity. Sayonara, cold and flu season!


Makes 6 pieces | Cals 79 |Ready in 20 minutes
80g quinoa
1 lettuce leaf
50g mango
30g avocado
30g cucumber
35g strawberries
60g passion fruit
30g asparagus
50g tofu coriander
5g wasabi
10g pickled ginger

Boil the quinoa in 110gwater for 10 minutes, cool, then spread on the lettuce leaf, roll it up and cut into six pieces. Use the fruits, vegetables, tofu and coriander to uniquely garnish each piece. Serve withwasabi and pickled ginger. Veggie lovers, rejoice! Eastern promise: Tofu is made fromsoy beans, which help to lower blood pressure by reducing cholesterol in the blood. Stress relief in a bean.


Makes 6 pieces | Cals 91 |Ready in 15 minutes
80g quinoa
60g red quinoa
1 piece seaweed
70g tuna
70g watermelon
15g basil
20ml light soy sauce
5g wasabi

Quinoa at the ready? Boil both types in water in a pan for 10 minutes. Leave covered and allowto cool. Lay out the seaweed and spread the cooled quinoa in the middle. Thinly slice the tuna, then place it over the quinoa with thewatermelon and basil. Now, roll it up. Garnish with soy sauce andwasabi. Eastern promise: Seaweed is high in selenium and iodine, which support cognitive function
and memory. Go ahead, eat yourself clever.


Makes 6 pieces | Cals 80 |Ready in 15 minutes
80g quinoa
1 piece seaweed
10g caviar
80g yellowtail
5g chives, chopped
60g orange segments
20g coconut flakes
20g lemongrass
lime juice
5g wasabi

You knowthe drill. Boil the quinoa for 10 minutes, cool and spread it over the seaweed. Flip the seaweed and cover it with caviar. Add yellowtail, chives, orange, coconut and chopped lemongrass. Cut into pieces and garnish with lime juice andwasabi. Eastern promise: Lemongrass has a mix of anti-ageing essential oils that aid cell rejuvenation. Turn back the hands of time.


Makes 6 pieces | Cals 131 |Ready in 20minutes
40ml rice vinegar
20g sugar
10g salt
100g cooked sushi rice
4 pieces seaweed
80g cucumber
70g salmon
100g tuna
20g chives
5g wasabi

You’re an expert by now, so prepare the sushi rice as before. Next, spread the cooled rice on to one sheet of the seaweed, add the chopped cucumber and roll it up. Repeat for the salmon and tuna sushi. Use chives andwasabi to garnish if desired. Eastern promise: Tuna and salmon are filled with omega-3, great for building lean muscle. The perfect post-gym snack.


Makes 6 pieces | Cals 52 |Ready in 20minutes*
80g quinoa
200g cucumber
70g red onion
30ml beetroot juice
15ml rice vinegar
25g coriander

Boil the quinoa for 10minutes then allow to cool. Cut the cucumber into 14cm pieces, then peel off the exterior, creating a long ‘leaf’. Slice the onion, toss with the beetroot juice and vinegar and refrigerate for four hours. Fill the leaf with quinoa, coriander and the pickled onion. Roll it, secure with skewers, then cut it up. Voila! Eastern promise: Beetroot has detoxifying properties, helping improve the liver’s function and eliminate nasties. Better have two then.


Makes 6 pieces | Cals 115 |Ready in 2? hours
40ml rice vinegar
20g sugar
10g salt
100g cooked sushi rice
350g Granny Smith apples
20ml honey
1 piece seaweed
80g salmon
60g asparagus
30g tofu

Make the sushi rice as before. Heat 20ml water with 100g of the apples (peeled and chopped) and 5g of the honey to make a sauce. Cover thinly sliced apples with the remaining honey and cook for two hours at 80?C. Spread the rice on the seaweed and flip it over.Add the salmon, asparagus, tofu and baked apples. Roll it up, cut into pieces, serve with apple slices and apple sauce.
Eastern promise: Rich in potassium and vitamin A, asparagus aidsweight loss by detoxifying and cleansing the kidneys. Slimming spears.


Makes 6 pieces | Cals 152 |Ready in 25minutes
40ml rice vinegar
20g sugar
10g salt
100g cooked sushi rice
5g rosemary
25ml honey
10g dijon mustard
70g scallops
25g prunes
10g caviar
1 piece seaweed
10g black sesame seeds
15g spinach
15g raisins
5g wasabi

Prepare the rice, then chop the rosemary and mix with the honey and mustard.Chop the scallops and prunes, add the caviar and refrigerate. Spread the rice on the seaweed and sprinkle with seeds. Flip andaddthe scallop mix, chopped spinach and raisins. Roll, cut into pieces, serve withwasabi and the honey. Eastern promise: Prunes protect against loss of bone density, while studies showthey can also help to stave off osteoporosis. Bone-us.


Makes 6 pieces | Cals 115 |Ready in 20 minutes
40ml rice vinegar
20g sugar
10g salt
100g cooked sushi rice
20ml mirin
60g mixed berries
50g crab meat
40g strawberries
10g spring onion
15g sesame seeds
5g wasabi

One last time,we promise: prepare the rice as before, thenwarm 110mlwater, 20ml rice vinegar and the mirin. Cool, add the berries and blend. Chop the crab meat, strawberries and onion into pieces. Cover the seaweed with rice and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Flip it over, add the chopped ingredients and roll. Garnish withwasabi. Eastern promise: Strawberries help to slow carbohydrate absorption, helping to stave off pesky hunger pangs.Happy days

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